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Did you know that the fear of failure can alter everything that we do, as it most likely influences every choice we make?

In some cases, fear can be helpful. Although it’s only the case when we’re able to use the fear of failure, in a positive way.  For example as motivation, or encouragement do our possible best.

However, in most cases, fear influences us in a negative way.  We can sometimes go to extreme length to avoid what scares us, despite any added inconvenience in the process.

Can you see, how this limits our results? We mobilize resources to avoid fear when we could be focusing on creating, our desired outcomes instead.

So how do you get out of this vicious circle?

You need to put the fear of failure behind you:

I know, it’s easier said than done …

So here, I’ll present 9 options that you can take and apply, to do just that. You can do them all (recommended), or you can pick and choose. The most important thing is to repeat them, include them in your routine, and make them become habits. Soon enough, you’ll be jumping in before you’re ready, with no time to worry about eventually failing. It’s all work in progress, right!?

1. Realize that “failure” is part of the process.

When you can understand that, figuring out the right way to do something, with your first effort is the exception, not the rule. You can easily see that failing is just part of the game. It’s a trying, training, perfecting… The essence here is that it’s not finished. Everything has to develop before it’s accomplished; expecting otherwise, is shortcutting the experience.

Growth can seem rough & tough but it’s also beautiful. That’s where we discover, we experiment and we learn from the resulting lessons, the experience. Shortcuts are great, but the experience is priceless.

So next time you set to achieve a significant goal, please expect the shortcomings, welcome them even. Because they will make you wiser, they will make you stronger; they’ll be contributing to your expertise.

All you have to do is keep improving your process until you’re successful.

2. Notice that failing is only temporary.

Each failing attempt is short lived. It doesn’t last. As soon as you start a new attempt, it’s virtually gone, so there is no much point dwelling on it right?

The best course is to go ahead and start the next round. With this in mind, it should be easier to let go and concentrate on the next try.

A good analogy is that failure is like a rainy day, it doesn’t matter because there will always be another sunny day on the way. It’s just a waiting game.

3. Don’t take failure personally – It’s not personal.

Think about it, the more successful you are, the most likely you have been training, trialling, attempting than anyone else. Your success only tops the mountain of failures you had to overcome to get there.

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There you have them, 9 principles/keys, you can apply in your life today to overcome your fear of failure.

Dealing with the fear of failure is something everyone faces.

Just make sure you follow some of the advise above and avoid allowing it to dictate and limit your life.

Remember that the fear is self-created. You can always choose to have an attitude that supports it or instead supports your success.

If you need more support, feel free to check out my mindset course which will strengthen your mindset and deepen your fearless status.


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