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8 Ways to Increase Self-Love

It’s possible that you are too hard on yourself. If you love yourself, it’s easier to navigate the world. The greatest struggle that we all face is to accept and love our imperfections. It’s not something that will happen by itself, however, as we seem programmed to ridicule and judge ourselves.

These strategies will help you love yourself more every day.

  1. Every day, give yourself a genuine compliment. Did you ever feel like you were in need of a compliment? Give yourself a compliment! Take a moment to think about all the great things you have and give yourself a congratulation on one. You don’t have to wait for someone to say something nice to you. Do something nice for yourself right now.
  2. Keep a record of all your achievements. There are many great things you have done. You can make a list. Give this exercise some thought and creativity. Your life is more amazing than you realize. Small check : Are you on the list? If not put yourself on that list!
  3. You can eat healthier. You can take better care of your body by changing the way you eat. This is something we could all do with a little more of. You already know which foods are good for you. You can add a few more of these foods to your diet, and you can also eliminate some of the less nutritious foods.
  4. Let your personality shine.You wouldn’t give junk food to your pet or child. You should treat yourself with the same respect.
  5. Help a cause that you believe in.It’s a great way for you to demonstrate that you are a good person by spending time doing something you believe is important. It will make you feel happier and bring a smile to your face.
  6. Be grateful. It is easier to appreciate what you have than it is to love yourself. Nobody likes to be around complainers.Take a look at your life and list the people and things that make you feel grateful.It is amazing how great your life can be.
  7. Forgive yourself for your past.You’ve probably made mistakes along the way and likely said and done some awful things. This is the end of that time in your life. You don’t have to drag the past into your present. Every day can be a new beginning. It’s okay to let it go.
  8. One small improvement.You can be more than you think you are. You can make a small improvement in your life that will improve your quality of life. Perhaps it’s walking for a few minutes every week, or calling mom once a week. You can learn and grow. 
    • These are some simple ideas to help you get started:
    • All bills must be paid on time
    • Be patient with your family.
    • Every day, be on-time to work
    • Five pushups per morning
    • Doing one thing every day will make you happy.
    • If not now, when? It’s never too late to start enjoying your life.
    • Learn to play the guitar, get a dog or volunteer at your local food bank. You can love your life and yourself.
    • Avoid those who drag you down. There’s a good chance that at least one of the relationships in your life is poisoning you. This could be a friendship or romantic relationship. You must be able to value yourself and avoid relationships with negative people.
Increase Self-Love

There are many amazing qualities you have been missing.

Believe in yourself and the love you’re worthy of.

Self-love can improve every aspect of your life.

Let me know this helped.

Many Blessings, Maria x

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