Akashic Records Reading

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Update: Akashic Records Reading – book yours


Despite the extreme demands I received, I cannot contifinue to offer free sessions.

I’m now a certified Soul Realignment Practitioner, so thank you to everyone who helped me get there ^_^.

If you’re new to this site, I’d love to help you too. To do so, I’m inviting you to book your own reading if you want to align to your higher soul purpose and manifest easily.

You’ll discover who you are at the soul level and what is preventing you from living your divinity.

You need to gain awareness of your blocks and restrictions in order to clear them to start experiencing our divinity in the physical realm.

Please note, I only provide a limited number of readings a month so I can fully support you while you implement because I know just how powerful my readings are. My clients and the results they get from applying these changes to their lives have been amazing and I only want to work with those who want amazing results.

If you think you do, Book your Akashic Records Reading now

This reading will empower you with the knowledge of your true self and offer you the opportunity to embody your potential, by removing your blocks and restrictions and embracing your gifts and living your purpose.

Many Blessings,

Akashic Records Reading

Trust that everything is working in your favour, because it actually is.

Maria Duckhouse

Free Akashic Records Reading Practice Clients Wanted:

Ever wanted a reading but worried about the price or being scammed? I’m offering an absolutely free Akashic Records Reading for Free to five practice Clients. This will be part of my certification program. I am new at this and still learning, and I am not charging yet. So seize the opportunity and become one of my practice clients. ==> click here to claim your free reading.

Oh my… I am seriously excited about this!!! I can’t stop beaming! Just to give you a bit of context: I, like many entrepreneurs I suppose, love to expand and up-level. On my spiritual path, I have increasingly been taking courses to gain more awareness and improve my intuition skills. It started with the law of attraction, then vibrations and increasing mine then came the chakras, crystals, and tools, etc… I now feel ready for the Akashic records and joined an amazing program that will allow me to become a certified soul realignment practitioner and giving those readings professionally. Soul Realignment will be an amazing tool to add to my coaching practice and would love your assistance with that.

So… I’m looking for 5 volunteers for a free reading. (as Practice Clients)

All you will be required to do at the end is to fill a quick form to prove I gave you your free reading. Our readings are accurate, precise, and actionable if you choose to do so. I want to provide value and gain experience, you get a free reading and a way forward.

Fair right?!? I think so too (^_^). So if you want to be in with the 5 lucky ones… it’s time for you to express your interest.

==> click here to claim your free akashic records reading

I can’t guarantee you will be one of the 5 lucky ones.

All I can say is: apply now so you get a good chance to be. So claim your reading now then use your Akashic Records Reading to realign your soul and achieve your goals faster and easier. Come on, I can’t wait to work with you! Maria xx

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