Attract Your Ideal Client Quickly

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5 Tips to Attract Your Ideal Client Quickly

  1. Be Consistent

    I used to hear this a lot but didn’t truly understand what it mean.
    I wanted to be consistent but I didn’t know how, plus I dislike posting for the sake of posting something.
    After months, I finally worked out that being consistent didn’t mean  posting over and over for me
    Consistency for me really is my commitment to engage, to be here and now.
    For example, if you post, don’t run, wait for the first reactions and interact with them.
    Or find at interesting posts or pages and interacting with them.
    It takes time for people to take action, even on things they want.
    They say it takes one to see something 5-7 times before they do anything about it,
    So if you don’t have any clients, reach out… interact with others post, consistently.
    People will see that you are there and want to interact with you more and more.
    This leads to our next tip.
  2. Build Relationships.

    Entrepreneurship is all about relationships.
    It took me long to understand that but you do need people to succeed.
    All on your own, you will struggle…
    and if you do manage to find lots of clients you will get burned out.
    Heed my advice, connect with as many people as you can on a business level and personal level. You can never have too many friends.
    Besides, they come with perks:
    The more people appreciate you, the more they want to help you and recommend you.
    The more connections, the more opportunities available, the more your business flourishes.
    Seriously, I can’t see any downside to this.
    But I do understand that it might be difficult or daunting to start off.
    Just try one friend at a time… the list will soon grow, you’ll see.
    Get to know someone today by chatting with them, make a new friend, then keep going.
    You’ll thank me later.
  3. Be Authentic..

    Another well heard advice but I somehow struggled to understand and apply myself, which is weird.
    I mean, I’ve always been an opinionated person for as far as I can remember.
    Because of that I supposed I’ve always felt tolerant towards others opinions as mined were not often share by the collective. This however never really affected my personal opinion, however, in order “not to create a fuss”
    I would shush myself.  This wend on so long that I developed a fear of speaking up.
    Not because I believed I was going to be wrong or mistrusted my judgment,
    or even because I was self-conscious (like I used to label myself in order for people to leave me alone).
    I just stopped speaking up because I didn’t want to cause offence to some imaginary person and ended up creating a habit of not sharing.  And in this social media world that we live in, I realized I was still doing it.
    I couldn’t help it. I didn’t want to offend anyone with my personal opinion because I labeled it pointless.
    I mean, why state my truth to others if I don’t really care about those that disagree?
    Because here’s the kicker, I really didn’t care about diverging opinions, everyone is entitled to theirs.
    We all have our own vision, interpretation and perspective.
    Why did I pretend that I care enough to reduce myself?
    Because when you share your truth,
    it seems like an invitation to other people’s entitlement to their own against yours.
    Which sometimes, can be painful and hurtful.
    But the beautiful part,  that I was missing,
    is that it will also speak to all the people that agree and wish they could share their truth too.
    It opens you to new connections, maybe new friends, clients, partners etc…
    [bctt tweet=”We are more inclined to do business with those we connect with on a deeper level.” username=”mariaduckhouse”]
    Besides, when you’re not yourself, it feels awkward & you’re unable to achieve your fullest potential.
    Don’t you want to know what you are capable of?
    Just how successful you could be?
    I dare you to be you  <3
  4. Embrace Sales

    Yes, you really can. No one needs to be a car-salesman to be good at selling. I am terrible with sales people” I can’t stand them. Still today.There is a reason why we hate it. They use it’s awful techniques to manipulate you. That’s why it feels icky. Sales don’t have to be, I mean we all sell things everyday… continuously.
    The way I see it: You can say we are walking sales people – lol – we wouldn’t be able to functions without sales. 
    If you regard selling as  negotiation and exchanging goods and services, you realize… we’re masters at it. 
    Some more than others but still, we do it all the time, all day.
    You exchange value, words, space, opinions – haha- etc…
    Communicating is exchanging ideas, times, attention etc… I could go on but I hope you get my drift. Selling doesn’t have to be a shore, it is necessary in most things we do.
    To feel comfortable selling:
    1. Make sure you know the pain points of your clients
    2. Highlight that you will provide the solution they are after.   
      The rest comes in naturally = >  (almost) effortless selling, right there.
  5. Work On Your Mindset

    Of  course right… I’m a mindset coach after all. I cannot miss this one. For me, this is your most important work. If your mindset is not where you need it to be, there is no way you can achieve any of your goals. I know big claim. The thing is, our minds try keep us in our comfort zone because it’s safer and more predictable.
    However most of our goals are outside of that comfort zone and you need determination and a strong vision that will carry you through. It takes focus and dedication but it’s 100% worth it.
    You know the quote “whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re absolutely right”. It hints at just how powerful our minds truly are. You can only achieve miracles if you believe that you can, if not, there is no way you will ever. And common sense proves that if you don’t believe in something, you are very unlikely to pursue it thus making it nearly impossible for you to achieve. Limiting beliefs are so powerful, yet they go under the radar as most people are unaware of them, assume that’s just who they are and that they can never change it.
    My mission is to change that. I was one of these people, I needed help but didn’t know it.
    Just assumed that I wasn’t cut up for the challenges I was facing and resolved to giving up.
    I wish I knew about limiting beliefs and everything I learned so far, I can see how this would have dramatically changed my life for the better, when I needed it the most.
    I am not complaining, I’m happy where I am now. 
    My work is joyful for me and I only wish the same for everyone else. 
    Limiting beliefs need to be hunted, and exterminated. lol
    While new Empowering beliefs need to be installed and reinforced…
    Joking aside, that’s what needs to happen. It takes work. Mindset work.
    It’s constant but oh… so beautiful.
    The results… are incredible,  personal opinion again. (^_^)
    They unfold as you progress, as you get aligned with your path, purpose and desires.
     As you build that self-worth, so will your clients in hiring you because you will exude the confidence they need to trust you to help them.

There you have them, my 5 tips to attract your ideal client quickly.

They are more effective combined but if that’s too much for you right now,

Which one will you apply first?

Love always, Maria

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