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Hi, I’m Maria Duckhouse, a certified master life coach based in the united kingdom. I’m very passionate about helping successful yet unhappy business owners & hard working individuals regain happiness in their life by reducing stress / burnout, improving their self care/love and focusing on creating what they really want to create.

I know, far too well… just how frustrating and depressing it can be to start resenting a job or business you might have previously loved. Whether it’s because you’ve outgrown or because you cannot cope with the tress… being in imbalance can be very unsettling and needs addressing.

Knowing you need to change & being able to do it effectively on your own is very challenging. that’s when I come in, to help you get over the hurdle. To make sure you become who you want to be sooner rather than later.

Too often, do we choose to stick with the pain, letting the fear that comes up once you make the decision for change, crippling us, sabotaging our efforts to get out of the situation…

It’s ok you know? You may fear not being good enough, not being smart enough to get that dream job or create a successful business, you might not even be sure of what you want, either way, you know it’s time.

Let’s discuss your options back to being “feeling happy and fulfilled again”. Click on the here, to claim your Planning Session.

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Did you know that your mindset is probably the most important deciding factor in determining your level of success?

Because with a successful mindset, you can achieve anything. 

This is a staple for me as a success coach focusing on mindset, not just a concept. That’s why I don’t only help my clients achieve a strong mindset, focus, and greater awareness. I also help them zero in on what really matters to them, their values their skills their habits and how to grow to be someone they continue to be proud to be. When one pursues personal excellence, rarely do they not end up being “the best” because, let’s be honest, most people simply won’t.

Appreciation of oneself grows self-confidence, higher self-esteem.

I love helping them finally see the troubling issue using a non-judging and unique perspective, they can fix it faster and finally get the results they desire. So work with me if you are eager and ready to create and live the life that really lights you up.

Imagine your perfect day

  • What did you see?
  • what did you hear?
  • How did you feel?

You can tell me… I’ll keep it between us 🙂

Anyways, how would you like your perfect day to be your everyday?

I mean… why not right? Please take a moment here to think about why this isn’t your reality. Because the reality is that it could be, and the best part is that it’s really is up to you.

That’s right… you have the power, you just need some help harnessing it

About Online Life Coach

Your Mind is a Powerhouse.
Are you using it to your advantage?
If not, why not?

– Maria Duckhouse –

We, all have to work on our mindset to get fired up and keep the resilience and mental strength needed to break through our limitations and actually achieve what we want. When we are in resistance it can get extremely tough to see a way through.

My genius lies in easing out this process for you …

Because the scariest moment is always before you start, and I’ll help you get there, and once you’re there, you’ll wish you’d taken the plunge sooner.

It’ll be my pleasure to serve but the secret sauce is always in you. 

I just help bring it out (^_^)


Keep reading, if you want to know a little bit more about me & my journey

It all started 10 years ago after I was told many times that I needed to learn to be more assertive and build up my resilience.

Somehow, I did lack self-confidence, not in my own self though, it was more a self-conscious feeling. I feared what people would think of me, if I put a message out. Any message by the way. I wanted to be appreciated and valued but I didn’t value myself, because my worth depended on others opinions

So when I finally discovered self-improvement books and courses, I had to start by learning to love myself completely and unapologetically. This simple process changed my life forever.

I then naturally started to appreciate & love everything more in my life, especially those filling it.

I speak, as a mother, a wife, a sister, a friend and a fervent lover of life. I’m so grateful for my life & the opportunity to help ambitious women with the mindset and strategies they need to get clear on their innermost desires, so they can find and embrace their purpose. Whether it’s career improvement, business development or a crazy idea, I’m here to get you back to “Being Happy”.

It wasn’t a straightforward journey for me, but it was necessary.

As a child, I never wanted to work in an office job. However, I later in life, I became attracted to the corporate world, only to find myself stuck in a push-button job and I wanting way more out of my life. The situation was so tense, that a depression sunk in.

Long story short, after a while, I knew I wanted out… but how? I didn’t want the same anymore, so I had to start over and feed my mind. And that wasn’t an easy decision, but I had to do it. Because I needed more room to breathe, more room to grow, more room for enjoyment. Basically, I wanted more fulfilment in my life. So I took a leap of faith and started my quest. I tried several opportunities but they weren’t for me. So I kept searching and learning and becoming clearer on my goals. When I realized what coaching really was and the power of life coaching and more specifically online life coaching, I was hooked. I had finally found my way.

About Online Life Coach

I developed a passion for self-development, mindset work in particular as self-belief and self-doubt were what I personally struggled with, the most. I now share what helped me on my journey and it helps others in theirs.

Although it took me a long time to figure it out, it doesn’t have to take you as much. You can leverage my experience and shorten your learning curve.

I see it as my mission is to empower you as well, should you need it of course. So you too. can love yourself unconditionally and change your life into one that lights your heart up.

I know you can and you deserve it, even when you doubt it.

Now that you know a little more about me. I’m hoping I’ll get to know you and your plans as you consider online life coaching.

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