What’s life coaching transformation?

Life coaching transformation is the process of enabling an individual to reach their goals while improving daily life. The coaching process combines aspects of psychology, philosophy, spirituality, and others to support you in your personal and/or financial development. It is a delicate balance but your coach will be there for accountability, support, to offer insights and questions to help you make the best possible decision for yourself.

The three main reasons why coaching works:

What is life coaching transformation?

  • Collaboration:  Through teamwork, you form a partnership with your coach. Working closely together, you can accomplish more than any one person alone can.
  • Foundation:  With the right foundation, as a client you’ll be able to take on greater projects more often, using suggestions and a direct plan of action from your coach.
  • Knowledge:  Through the expert knowledge of your coach, you as the client will learn to set goals, make better decisions, and restructure your life towards absolute proficiency.

Who’s coaching ideal for?

If you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, someone looking for new work, or any other busy professionals who need a personal or professional action plan, then coaching is for you.

In an effort to achieve goals, a coach could help you (the client) with a wide range of problems, but generally, they focus on a few as it’s where their expertise lies. Just make sure you choose one that is experienced in the problem you are facing or is ready to support you effectively through it.

Weekly sessions are a ‘must

Clients with regular coaching sessions always make the most of their opportunities, as accountability and expectation increases, so does your success. I hope this was helpful, If you have any additional questions, feel free to email-me


Mindset Coach for Women Entrepreneurs

Have you ever felt like… Despite being good at what you do… you still feel like a fish out of water.
Like you can’t catch a proper breath, because so much relies on you! Ignoring it & cracking on with the work – won’t help… If anything, it will only make matters worse, keeping you drowned under the water, stuck, overwhelmed, and let’s admit it, frankly miserable. Who needs that? Not you.
If you want this to change I’d love to help. Hi, I’m Maria Duckhouse and I help ambitious yet stuck individuals, discover their divine gifts and align to their soul’s purpose so they can finally create the real & deep happiness they’ve been looking for in their life.

Balancing Work & Play is Challenging

with the right support, regain control of your emotions & life enjoyment.

What is life coaching transformation?

If feeling Happy & Fulfilled is what you wantNever settle for less!


Whether it’s growing your business, changing careers, improving your relationships, or just how to create or find happiness in your life – I’m here for you.

This transformational coaching will provide you with the mindset, the strategy, and all support you need to achieve any goal you set your mind to.

Only issue, this is not for everyone…

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