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Did you know that the fear of failure can alter everything that we do, as it most likely influences every choice we make?

In some cases, fear can be helpful. Although it’s only the case when we’re able to use the fear of failure, in a positive way.  For example as motivation, or encouragement do our possible best.

However, in most cases, fear influences us in a negative way.  We can sometimes go to extreme length to avoid what scares us,

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Founder of Mindset & Strategy | Success Mindset Coach | empowering female professionals to breakthrough their perceived limitations and fears so that they can embrace the life & career they truly desire to lead and have. "I truly believe life is meant to be experienced fully in a way that continuously lights our hearts. Why shouldn't we strive for that? xoxo, maria"

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  1. Hi Stephanie,
    You are very welcome. I am not sure I understand your question.
    The last sentence is only for people who want additional support.
    It’s a self-paced online course, so there is no supply issue.
    I hope this helps, if not, please get back to me xx

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